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Elo Hell Esports (EHE) brings together the online gaming and broadcast ecosystem, combining experienced leadership, powerful in-house technology, and a passionate community of staff and fans alike. We leverage our media network and exposure to capture the heart and minds of the esports world, providing gamers with opportunities to learn and play on both sides of the camera. From white-label offerings to volunteer-driven events, EHE is developing the industry's best practices and producing esports professionals of the highest caliber.

What we do


Esports tournaments and events organized by industry experts


The best production team and on-air talent bringing events to your audience

Channel Management

Building passionate esports audiences on YouTube


Visuals that connect with gamers

Our clients and projects

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Meet our staff!


Philip  profile picture
Philip Macartney

Business Director

Ben  profile picture
Ben Tepper

Content Director

UserError  profile picture
Homero Arellano

Creative Director

Fiind  profile picture
Kelly-Anne Bujeau

Marketing Manager

Xyri  profile picture
Héctor García

Event Director

Noellalee  profile picture
Oneida MacKay-Aldridge

Operations Director

parnaioca  profile picture
Rafael Tavares

Broadcast Director

Mierst  profile picture
Alex Lessard



Ceirin  profile picture
Cedrine J.

Graphic Designer

Invictus  profile picture

Motion Designer

Direboyd  profile picture
Nick Quirico

Video Editor & Producer

Luminance  profile picture
Debbie Chun

Music Producer & Video Editor

Paddington  profile picture
Poet Beasley

Graphic Designer

  profile picture

Video Editor


Kira. Fa. 37.  profile picture

Program Coordinator

Paddington  profile picture
Poet Beasley

Program Coordinator

Jimmy  profile picture
Jimmy Eppley



Sykelone  profile picture
Brandon Syres

EU Discord Lead

Jimmy  profile picture
Jimmy Eppley

NA Discord Lead

Cinzya  profile picture
Cynthia Ebert

Broadcast Manager

Dmagne  profile picture
Daniel Magne

Managing Director

Renjhu  profile picture
Luks Renjhu

Project Manager


Yesat  profile picture
Lionel Ieri

GitGud & Pluto Cup Event Lead


Zexulia  profile picture

Instagram Lead

March  profile picture
Catherine Moss

Discord Moderator

Wanna work with us? Send an email to business@elohell.gg